Sunday, February 13, 2011

Geometric Correction Using ERDAS

Geomaticyber wanna expose to you the current technology in mapping using Remote Sensing method.. As we known satellite image is the best method to done the large area for mapping.. There are lot of application using remote sensing data (Click Here to learn more).. But before you using the remote sensing data for any analysis, there are need to make the geometric correction so that the satellite image have the right and perfect coordinate and projection system base on ready made topography map or others.. Here geomaticyber post to you the simple geometric correction manual using ERDAS software..

Click on Image for Enlarge

Click on Image for Enlarge
Screen Shoot from Geomaticyber Manual

People can download the manual following link below:

Geomaticyber Geometric Correction Manual
Erdas Field Guide
Image Rectification Note

Note: Remote Sensing can be integrate with GIS to produce the great application for surveillant or any agency need it..Other else, there are several software can be use to process the satellite image such as ENVI and lot more..Hope people can learned something from this entry and gain your skill in using ERDAS software.. (^_^)v

Resource & Reference: UiTM Lab Note & ERDAS