Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simple Step Register Raster Image in MapInfo

Long time not post new entry ya..Here geomaticyber wanna share with you the simple step how to register raster image in MapInfo software..Actually im just explored this software by own for my further study and i found something information that i can share with you..MapInfo is the other one of infra that you can use it for GIS analysis and for mapping..

Click on image for enlarge
screen shoot from geomaticyber manual

To get geomaticyber manual, you can download it following link below:
Register Raster Image in MapInfo Manual by Geomaticyber

Note:I hope using this simple manual, you guys can got some idea and knowledge how to use MapInfo software to register raster image..You can geocode the raster image by assign the coordinate base on your coordinate system..For further knowledge you guys need to be creative and innovative explore any software base on your problem.. (^_^)v

Reference: Help button in MapInfo 7 software