Sunday, January 9, 2011

Collect Detail Data Using Topcon GTS235N Manual

This week geomaticyber wanna present to you how to using total station (Topcon GTS235N) for collecting the detail survey data until process the data in CDS software..The rest (CDS manual) geomaticyber will be post soon..

Topcon Total Station

This is the simple step manual how to conduct the Topcon total station GTS235N..People can download following link below:

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Screen Shoot from Geomaticyber Manual

Collect Data Using Topcon GTS235N Manual
Operate Data Collector Manual

Note: TS Topcon GTS 235 N is the button less series..Hope people can get the advantages from the manual for the assignment,task,job etc.. (^_^)v

Resource & Referance : UiTM Survey Camp Manual & TOPCON