Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Generate Leica GPS Data Using SKI-Pro Software

Here Geomaticyber wanna post to you the another one of GPS processing software..This manual show the observed GPS data process by using Leica SKI Pro software..This software compatible with all GPS data unless the data already converted into RINEX file..Even though, Leica also provide the other software for total station and it also compatible for GPS data processing (Leica Geo Office Software)..

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SKI-Pro allows the following functions to be carried out :

>Processing of static and kinematic GPS data with the option of importing RINEX data from other sources.
>Basic visualisation of data together with editing of data points.
>Importing and exporting of user-defined ASCII files for transfer of data to GIS systems.
>Support for numerous transformations, ellipsoids and projections as well as user- defined and country specific coordinate systems.
Geophysical Equipment Facility

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Screen Shoot from Geomaticyber Manual

People can download the manual by following link below:

Geomaticyber SKI-Pro Manual
Leica SKI-Pro User Manual

Note: Hope you can take the advantages from this manual and feel the new experience to process the GPS data using Leica Ski-Pro software... (^_^)v

Resource & Reference : UiTM Survey Camp Manual & Leica Geosystem