Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Generate Trimble GPS Data Using TGO Software

For this week and may be until February Geomaticyber will post to you the manual how to generate GPS data by different GPS equipments and software..For your information and this is the second time i told to you that even you are using different type of GPS equipment, you can use any software to generate the GPS data unless you are already convert the GPS data into RINEX format file..So what is RINEX?..RINEX stand for The Receiver Independent Exchange Format, you can refer the uses of this format file from Wikipedia or from any sources of GPS web site..

Trimble5700 Click on Image for Enlarge

Click on Image for Enlarge
Screen Shoot from Geomaticyber Manual

People can download the manual following link below:

Trimble Geomatic Office Manual
User Guide

Note: This the outdated TGO manual i got from my field work report during completing my diploma at UiTM Perlis..You can find the updated TGO manual from internet and so on..hope, by sharing this manual you can got some knowledge and idea how to process Trimble GPS data using TGO(Trimble Geomatic Office) software..(^_^)V

Resource & Reference: Field Work UiTM Manual & Trimble