Monday, January 17, 2011

Setting Out Coordinate (Ki) in CDS

Geomaticyber wanna play with you again with CDS about how to make the setting out computation/coordinate cogo (kiraan) in CDS..This method usually used by surveyor to handle the engineering surveying job for construction..Usually the setting out points used by contractor to positioned the pilling hole..In CDS user can drag the line from known coordinate(station) to the setting out points to get the bearing and distance for pilling..

Picture from Wikipedia

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Screen Shoot from Geomaticyber Manual

People can download the manual following link below :

Setting Out Coordinate in CDS Manual

Note: If you make the mistake in setting out marking for pilling..You will responsible for the whole cost of construction and may be your name will be black list by client..Hope you double check the coordinate,bearing and distance using manual calculation for confirmation.. (^_^)v

Resource & Reference : UiTM Survey Camp Manual & CDS Tutorial